Friday, January 18, 2008


Wow, I haven't even published a post and already it has been reported that there is lewd content in this blog!

I can't think of a better way to open an advice column focusing on those of us who have "unique" issues.

For starters:

1. This is a place for people to anonymously submit personal problems that reach beyond the scope of regular advice columns (we are not going to focus on regular relationship type issues here).

2. There is no issue too perverted or "freaky" to discuss here.

3. I will do my best to provide insightful and supportive replies. This doesn't mean that I won't truthfully point out areas where you may need to focus. I am not sugar coating anything for you.

4. There are no victims here, only people who want to learn and grow from past experiences. If you are writing me I hope it is out of a sincere desire to over come an issue or even just to accept that you have survived it.

I hope that this blog can help people that otherwise might not seek any assistance because their problems are too embarassing or private to discuss with someone face to face. I am not a doctor. I am not your mother. I am here though, and willing to discuss your issues with you.


P said...

secret fantasies hoping that if you ignore them they will go away?

That one hits the nail on the head.......

Anonymous said...

There are stories and myths of penis size from around the world.

One of the common stories is that men from different cultures or races have penis length differences. This is entirely inaccurate.

The most common differences are in length and girth but remember, there are differences in all people in regards to height, weight and appearance.

Judy Lewd said...

Hey P! Thanks for leaving me a comment.

Care to elaborate?


wow, thanks for the info! Having been a very promiscuous teen ager I have seen all sorts first hand (*winks*). Thanks for your comments

xoxoxoxox Judy Lewd

p said...

Let me see if I can work up the nerve LOL

Anonymous said...


to what level is public voyeurism acceptable?


Judy Lewd said...

i would say if it's happening in public it is there for you to look at!!!

One of my all time favorite things to do, even when I was really young, was to walk down the street at night and look into lit open windows. I don't know why but it gives you a little excited feeling watching people be themselves in their own homes. Do I think this is creepy at all? No, I'm not the one that left my curtains open!

Judy Lewd said...

k wait though... what do you mean by public voyeurism? you watching the public or you displaying yourself for the public to view?

i guess it it's the later then I would say there is a time and place for everything. There are numerous nude beaches all over the world, and nude clubs and stuff too. There you can pretty much get away with anything. If you like people watching you then I promise you there are people out there that want to see it! Find them and display away... just don't go showing your naughty bits to kids, that's not acceptable and can get you arrested...not so fun cause jailbirds will definitely want to see your naughty bits, and they aren't gonna ask first either.