Sunday, January 4, 2009

cocksucking hand jobs

Well it's almost been a whole year since I started this blog and finally my first letter...

Dear Judy,

I'm not terribly great at hand jobs or blow jobs. any suggestions?


Hey K,

I just have to ask, how come you don't think your any good? Ever had any negative criticism? Also, do you enjoy doing these things? If you don't it could be that your partner is picking up on your vibes. My advice is to REALLY get into it, enjoy yourself as much as you can and chances are he will too. If you want to keep your man happy you got to take some pride in the blow jobs for sure and give them as often as you can, it's your duty!!!

Now, on to what you really came for, the hot tips!

Let's start with hand jobs:

My first and best piece of advice is to keep an eye on what your doing, not your hand on his cock, but the expression on your partners face. As soon as you see those eyes roll into the back of his head your on the right track.

Try different grips (both tight and loose) and really work your wrists while keeping an eye on his reaction... his face will never lie to you... and remember what he responds to. That doesn't mean you should just do that one thing over and over again when you find it. With hand jobs (guys and girls) variety is very important as a repetitive motion can end up chaffing or numbing things too much.

Also timing is a big factor. Maybe it's not that you suck but that your timing does.

Let me explain....

Hand jobs are a more "vanilla" form of fore play, they're great and all, but not exactly the most kinky thing in the world. Now try reaching down his pants when he's talking on the phone, gaming on-line, sitting next to you on the bus, or lather up some suds while he's in the shower and WATCH OUT, you got yourself a steamy hand job.

Also, why don't you try slipping on a leather or silk glove first? Different sensations mean different experiences all together, and besides, sometimes our hands have too much "grip", especially if you work in construction or something and have rough hands (depends though, some people might prefer it that way).

Another thing you can try is the multitude of oils and lubes out there, some are formulated specifically for male masturbation and give either a slight warming or cool tingling sensation. I recommend a brand called "Rocket Balm" which is a minty tingly sensation!!! This works well for stimulating girls parts too. In fact, I would say, when giving a hand job always use some sort of lubrication, even if it's just a quick wad of spit in your palm.

For the more erotic hand job you could try tying your partner to a chair first and then interrogate him a little on the whereabouts of some government documents or your favorite coffee mug.

Finally, in case you didn't know, adult toy stores carry a variety of pocket pussies and other sleeves that are designed specifically for male masturbation and there's no law against you using one on your man, as long as he's ok with it.

Now on to the blow jobs:

There are so many things you can try while giving a blow job that it would be impossible to list them all, but again, the most important thing is to PAY ATTENTION!!! Look up at him, is he watching you or the TV? Is he thinking about your jaws wrapped around his member or working out his financial budget for the next month? Once you find out what he likes it's not going to be that hard to get him off good. Everyone's different so you really got to work on it.

Now that that's all said and done here are some suggestions:

Use flavored lube, chances are if your enjoying things more, so will he. If you don't like lube, there are many different foods that you can spread on before hand. Any kind of chocolate works, so does honey, whipped cream, or pudding, just make sure you get it all off before it's over!

If your hair is long enough, wear pig tails, it gives him something to steer with.

Put on a wig, I guarantee this will spice things up a bit. While your at it, make him call you by a different name too.

Use your tongue!

Stretch your mouth out a little every day, you don't want your jaw getting sore right before the big finale.

Put your tongue (when you are not using it) over your bottom teeth so your not scraping the underside of his cock and concentrate on the top ones, unless he specifically asks you to use teeth. Most guys do not like it.

Hum and moan while your down there, it really does act like a vibrator.

And finally, if you REALLY want to give a good blow job, you got to learn to deep throat it honey.You have to get to a point where he can push your face so far down on him that you can stick out your tongue and lick his balls. I'm serious.

If gag reflex is a problem for you, the good news is it's something you CAN work on. Practice on a dildo or a banana or whatever other phallic veggies that you have laying around. Keep trying, try while your drinking beer with friends, make a contest to see who can get more of the bottle neck down their throats. This will improve your performance more than anything... especially when you come out wearing pig tails and suggesting that he really gag you with it.

Well that's all I got for you tonight, hope it works out, and let me know how it goes! (cums?)